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Covid-19 | Our Response and Plan of Attack

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Written By Ricky Wilder

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Certainly you have received many emails from companies stating their response to the Covid-19 virus situation and you may not want to read another one. We understand. We will keep is simple.

The last few weeks have brought changes for many of us that have disrupted the routines of our daily living, some folks more than others. We are sure everyone has been touched in some way by the threat of the Corona virus.

Maybe a company you work for or one of its suppliers has closed its doors, at the grocery store you are met with bare shelves, skittish behavior seems normal as we practice social distancing, or we even know someone with this new virus. This is the world we live in today and everyone is peeking over the horizon to catch a glimpse of better times.

How WSC is dealing with COVID-19

We do not have a staff of office people to write statements, therefore we are a little behind the power curve. Seeing how we are not a gigantic business, we do not have a lengthy or polished statement but we will tell you a little about our operation relating to COVID-19:

  • As employees today, we are all family. Keeping everyone healthy is not a reaction to the virus threat, it is a continuous lifestyle.
  • With warm weather approaching and road conditions becoming a challenge, the only visitors to our manufacturing facility are moose and chickadees.
  • When we manufacture and package products, we always have and will continue to use good manufacturing practices and procedures.
  • We even have the special disinfecting wipes for wiping down arriving packages, high touch surfaces and trespassers.

From our rural Alaskan location, we have been watching this unfold from a distance but realize not one place is really isolated or immune so we do take everyone’s concerns and safety very seriously. Being cautious is easy, being careless is costly.

view form our shop in chickaloon. No COVID-19 found here.
The pristine view from our shop in Chickaloon, Alaska

Our Counter Attack

Along side the news reports on the spread of Corona Virus we were all bombarded were stories about the run on hand sanitizer. Pictures dominating the articles were people with shopping carts full of the little bottles, empty shelves, articles on price gouging and how to make sanitizer out of booze.

Competing for headlines were the articles about the effectiveness of plain soap and water. The problem was, telling people to wash with soap and water is not very exciting. Fortunately the message got through when the medical community began to emphasize the point.

washing covid-19 away with simple soap
Even Chameleons wash their hands!

The first article I noticed and most impactful is from Pall Thordarson. Many sources carry or cite his comments, I happen to like the one from Market Watch since it has nice a info-graphic.

As soap makers this is nothing new. There is a lot of chemistry that goes into that humble block that sits in your shower or beside the sink. Bottom line, soap works for the destruction of virus and washing away of bacteria and other things we want off of our skin.

In the midst of the current crisis, we will not get technical but rather practical. A few weeks ago the COVID-19 situation seemed to be rapidly spilling into the USA. We decided to respond with the quickest and most effective product we were capable of manufacturing. Soap was the immediate answer.

Simple Soap

One formula, one soap. Same great quality as our goat milk soap but formulated with a different oil blend and without goat milk for quick production. It includes Tea Tree essential oil which is generally accepted to have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.* It is ready to ship today!

With all this scrubbing up, we will address a possible side effect. Chapped hands. Whether you use our soap or something off the supermarket shelf, at some point your hands may get really dried out. So much so, that you balk at the thought of sticking them under water one more time. However, the goal is to encourage washing up, not dreading it.

Simple Hand Moisturizer

If you are thinking about reaching for that bottle of lotion, please stop. We discourage regular lotion use because of the preservatives and other “stuff” they contain. That and the fact you are paying for a lot of water.

Our Radiance Body Oil is a great lotion replacement and will work fine. It has a slightly heavier feel but do not hesitate to use it just because it is labeled as a body oil.

However, today our hands are in the spotlight so that is where our attention has turned. We wanted something with an even lighter touch than the Radiance Body Oil.

Our solution is the Simple Hand Moisturizer. Simple and easy to use, this formula is loaded with oils that will leave your hands feeling great, non-greasy and not dreading the next wash up!

The Simple Hand Moisturizer is available fragrance free or with our soothing blend of Tea Tree and Palmarosa essential oils.

*The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from healthcare practitioners. Please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires this notice.

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