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Balm of Gilead Salve


Infused With Wild Harvested Alaska Cottonwood Buds!

How Does Balm of Gilead Help?

A powerful infusion of Alaska Cottonwood buds helps fight back against the worst dry or cracked skin.  Also great for sore muscles and tired feet.

 The Smell:

Sweet, balsamic and amber.

The Ingredients:

Olive Oil, Infused Cottonwood Buds (Wildcrafted), Beeswax

Product Description

We handcraft our Balm of Gilead using fresh, locally wild harvested Cottonwood buds.  Balm of Gilead provides a shield against dryness and chafing, leaving skin feeling soft and calm. Our sensitive-skin friendly, chemical & petroleum free Balm of Gilead is gentle and safe for everyday use*.

Apply salve to any area that needs extra hydration and smoothness.  For application to your baby’s bottom, gently cleanse the skin first and apply salve liberally. For best results, apply after each diaper change.

More benefits of Cottonwood can be found here:

*Those who are allergic to aspirin should avoid plants or trees with salicylic acid, such as cottonwood.  If you experience redness, itching or discomfort, discontinue use.

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